Don't Talk

Vanessa Hudgens

Like A shooting star
Your headed by me
You touched my heart
But won?t set me free.
Oh boy
You?ve got to be patient with me
Oh Boy
I wanna get to know you much better

Let?s start it out being friends for awhile
You hold my eye when I first saw ur smile.
Oh boy
This could really turn into something
Oh boy
That?s why I don?t wanna rush it.

Don?t talk,
Don?t tell your friends, about us.
Don?t talk or this all will end
I promise

Be quiet, be quiet
Or I will just deny it
Be quiet (don?t talk), ssshh
Keep it between us.

I'm going out, with a bunch of my friends
You can meet up with us at quarter to ten
Oh Boy
Don?t act like there?s something between us
Oh boy
From now on, let?s keep it a secret

Don?t talk
Don?t tell your friend, about us
Don?t talk or this will end
I promise

Be quiet, be quiet
Or I will just deny it
Be quiet, (don?t talk) SSHH
Keep it between us

I know it feel that this is real
But I need sometime to see
If ur gonna be the one for me
From now let?s just keep it hush
Let?s keep it between us

This is the real reason
I don?t really care
Cuz people likes to talk, people like to stare
Just one thing I guess, just one thing I don?t know
So when it comes to us, baby keep your mouth closed

So don?t talk
(Don?t talk, don?t tell ur friend)
Oh don?t tell (ABOUT US)
oh don?t tell oh no.
(i promise) I promise
Be quiet be quiet ...oh hey
Or I will just deny it
be quiet,
Don?t talk (ssh)

(keep it between us) ohooo, between us
(don?t talk, don?t tell ur friends), yeah yeah (about us)
(don?t talk) don?t talk don?t talk (I promise)
Be Quiet, be quiet, or I just deny it
Be quiet.
Don?t talk, (ssh)
Keep it between us.

Keep ur mouth closed


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