Christmas Griping


Mike: Well it looks like Christmas is here again
Bill: Yeah, guess we'll have to go shopping now
Peter: I'll tell you what if I hear Rudolf the Red nosed Reindeer one more time I'm gonna up on a tower with a high powered rifle
Michael: Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha
As we sit, by the fire, all the smells, will perspire
Mike: Yeah and I'm gonna have to take my nephew to the mall to see Santa Claus
Bill: Wouldn't you just love to throttle the person that invented fruit cake?
Peter's Wife OR Michael's Sister: And what is this thing about Misle toe
Boom shaka laka laka ho ho ho
Michael: Take a white marshmallow, put it on a coat hanger, put it on the fire, get some chocolate bars and some bread crackers, and then you slush it, and then you eat a hundred of them and vomit
Bertis: I'm still having nightmares about Burl Ives
Mike: Yeah sometimes Christmas really frosts my ??


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