To Know the Unknown


How the universe began
What the future holds
Why do fools fall in love
What happens to our souls
Clues to life's mysteries
Are what we hope to find
Always reachin' for a reason
Searchin' for a sign

To know the unknown
(It doesn't mean that much to me)
To know the unknown
(Some secrets are meant to be)
Don't want all the answers
'Cause one thing is true
As long as my heart beats
I'll always love you
So I don't need to know
The unknown

Is there life on other planets
Why there's magic in a kiss
What dreams really mean
Who hears us when we wish
Everybody's wonderin'
Tryin' to understand
But all the revelations
Are castles in the sand

You don't have to tell me
Just why you went away
Now that you've come back
There's nothing more to say
All I really need to know
Is that you're here to stay

(repeat chorus)

So I don't need to know
The unknown


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