Go Pokémon Go


Pokémon masters, your heart beats faster
Training for the top, 'cause you know you can't stop!
Your training kicks NOW, Pokémon PowWOW!
The power of a master, all before you will BOW!
But don't let it get to your head, young trainer
The road is long and filled with danger
Everyone says they deserve to be number one
But who can't top you
The answer is none
Because they've never seen an expert like YOU!
One who knows the difference between Mewtwo and MEW!
Or someone who can tell you the type of PIKACHU!
Or someone who can tell you which Pokémon is new!

First you kick it in Kanto!
Then you head to Johto!
Don't know where to go, try to go with the flow!
Everybody knows how the fever is going!
Watch out, next stop might be Hoenn
But even that's not where Pokémon'll end
There's even more adventures
Right around the bend!


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