King Of The Free Ride

Kid Abelha

Compositor: George Israel / Paula Toller / Vrs. Paula Toller / Vrs. Rosana Ferrão

I see the world go round
You know the wind is friend of mine
I hear the sea out loud
And I can't get you out of my mind

Spend my life in the air
The waves know I'm there
The wings of passions fly me
Because I'm free, free when I ride

Pico Alto, Ekua
Uluwatu, Pipeline
Jhquehy, Number Three's
Joaquina, Waikiki

The weather soon is gonna change
The water is getting colder
And when the tide is lower
My kingdom will be over

Santa Marta, Serrambi
Stella Maris, Maverick's
Coco Loco, Lacanau
Lopes Mendes, Francês, Jeffrey's Bay

Itaúna, Mentawai
Waimea, Sunset
Rosa Norte, Rock Point
Árpex, Árpex


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