Somebody Took My Love

Kenny Rogers

I never thought that it would end this way
Somehow it`d always go home
And yet this morning when I reached for her
She was gone.
I never asked for any promises
I knew she`d always be there
I swear somebody must be loving at me somewhere.

Love, love
Somebody took my love, love
How can this be?
She said: she`d always be there for me
Love, love
Somebody took my love, love
We set us free
You don`t know what she means to me.

I never saw a single morning sun
When did it catch her her heart
How could I ever have let him break us apart.
I feel so helpless and so out of touch
There`s no escape in this pain
But in my heart I know
She can`t be the one to blame.

So cold, spending my nights alone
Somebody hears me calling your name
Somebody sent you home.


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