Sleep Tight, Goodnight Man

Kenny Rogers

The sandman told me he?s done all he can
The situation calls for more than sand
You?ve been crying all night long
Tossing and turning and it?s almost done.

I am here, I?m gonna help you sleep
Count on me instead of counting sheet
Close your eyes and leave the rest to me.

And you?ll have sweet dreams at the last of night
And easy feeling and a morning light
Drift away with a touch of the hand
From the sleep tight, goodnight man.

Soft and sooth and as a lullaby
I?ll kiss your tears from those weary eyes
And in the morning you will understand
That you?ve been touched by the goodnight man.

I?ll rock you gently like a rolling wave
Hold you in my arms until you drift away
So just lay back and leave the rest to me.


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