Make No Mistake, She's Mine

Kenny Rogers

Don?t call her up, anymore
cos I don?t wanna hear your voice
I don?t wanna see your face answer her door.
Make no mistake, she?s mine, she's mine.

She only knows how I feel
I only know what she?s like when she needs me
Oh how she needs me deep in the night
Make no mistake, she?s mine, no, she?s mine.

Don?t get too close when you dance
cos I don?t wanna heart from my friends
you were out of the town
with her in your arms.

Don?t include her in your dreams
cos I don?t wanna close my eyes
no, I don?t wanna know where she goes
each night when she leaves
make no mistake, she?s mine, no, she?s mine ..


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