Dream Dancing

Kenny Rogers

When the lights go down and the music gets pretty
Get that cheek-to-cheek look in your eye
Little boy, go, better grab your honey
Girl, you?d better grab your guy
It?s time for dream, dream dancing
Dream, dream dancing.

Out on the dance floor everybody?s all alone
Just squeeze my hand and then let?s close our eyes
And listen to the man play on the saxophone
As we swerve cross the floor, just there, stars in the sky
Dream, dream dancing
Dream, dream dancing.

Close your eyes, hold me tight
Let the night last forever ( repeat ).
And I don?t mind if the sun never shines
And I don?t care if tomorrow never comes
As long as we are dream, dream dancing
Dream, dream dancing.

When the joint shuts down
And I?m still feeling up
We go on home for a little cosy cover
For our favorite station on the radio
We?ll be dancing close
We?ll be dancing slow.

Dream, dream dancing


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