Back Again

Kelly Clarkson

Back Again by Kelly Clarkson & Kalan Porter
Now just when you
thought we were gone
we came back to ohh give
a little taste of who we are yeahh

Now the last time
you heard us we going through
some rough times but know were

Back again to give
a taste of something new
Back again to rock your world
cause we are back again and here to
stay ohhh

uh huh
now if you think

That we will let you down again just remember
that ohhhh we are coming

Back again(Back oh Back again)
to give a taste of something new
back again to rock your world...
cause we are we are back to stay ohhhh yeahhhh

we are coming back back again so don't

no you better be ohh be

We show up again yeahhhh

Repeat chorus till fade.


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