Troopers Reprezent

Kanye West

Yes indeed
94 is the season
(..this how we do in the Boogie Down Bronx)

[ 3rd Eye ]
Well, once upon a time, remember when
Ya had a slop down, couldn't hear the sound
Of the E-y-e ringin in the new year
Who shall I fear?
Comin for the dungeon, grudge not what you can't see
They could not decipher the text book I daily

[ Zone 7 ]
...the mind tricks, I try to get a grip
Slip into a different schizophrenic skit
Chaotic, and the flow is hypnotic
Erotic, demonic, sonic, atomic, chronically demolished artist
The shit I spark on brothers heartless
Gaspin, askin, who's the one to put your style in traction
All that, the ditch digger, that's him

[ Nine ]
I'm on some next shit, can I wreck shit?
With my Sumo-fat style cause yours is anorexic
Chck-chck-pow, boom-boom-bap-bang
Ten feet of rope around your neck and can't hang
I'm runnin rings around rappers like a dirty collar
I don't care if you whisper or if ya holler
True, 9 Double M will do you like voodoo
You butterknife in the house of ginzu
16 eyes on your face and can't see me
Since a cloud of smoke like _I Dream of Jeannie_
You in a $100 spot with a buck
Like the gods and 3rd Eye say, kid: eeease up!

[ 3rd Eye ]
Next up, time for me to fly, come on
Back up, back up, turn the track up
Black, I'm 'bout to blow up - boom
Best to give me room, I'm comin through
You can't do me
Yo, who you be?
Even Aaron Hall couldn't 'groooove me'
Boy, your little style don't move me
Truly, you never knew me, you're booty
My 3rd Eye style is heavy duty
My crew be gettin funky like a spliff of the skunky
You can't even get a whiff of the funk, punk
Tried to get the formula, but I be two levels on top of them
Proper, ain't no stoppin him when I'm droppin em
Chopper, I chop em in them bread crumbs and get they head numb
Fuck around, I be like REDRUM! REDRUM!

Now all my troopers in the front represent (yeah!)
And all my troopers in the back represent (represent)
And all my troopers on the left represent (yeah!)
Hey yo, my troopers on the right represent (represent)
Now all my troopers in the back represent (yeah!)
And all my troopers up front represent (represent)

[ Top Quality ]
I leave no questions about who flip-whips the mic
It's the pen blockrocker, no doubt to get you hype
With the slide, slide shit to make you flip
Got the skills to write my scripts
So yo, let me kick it one time, peep the technique
Don't sleep, it creeps right up on ya
Wanna battle, who's gonna rescue you?
It's time to show you somethin that you never knew
????? cause I'm comin through

[ Zone 7 ]
Now it's hectic, check it yo, don't stress that yet
Where I'm steaming from holding my bones, see me come to wreck it
Rolling it with my brother stompin skulls
What you tryin?
Crazy muthafuckas dyin
Some get broken, some still smokin
Strictly ????? runnin through the streets
If you sleep you're stupid, I'm back in lovely
Cops don't try to stop me, back up off me, not sellin drugs, gee
And I'm smashin MC's
Collectin g's, air get salty
Money, you was faulty
I protect quickly, don't get with me
Then I'm Audi, back down south, gee
Crazy rowdy


[ Lord Finesse ]
Check it
It's the automatic Asiatic rap fanatic
I'm like a addict that gots to have it
When I see the microphone I ain't scared to grab it
Fuck that, it's Lord Finesse, now there you have it
It's the grand speaker, smoke you like reefer
Fuck it, I put it on like sneakers
Here to stay and get paid in the right way
Shit I say is x-rated like Andrew Dice Clay
A showstopper, I'm a rocker who can flow proper
Girls clock me like a muthafuckin soap opera
Brothers be makin rhymes, talk about takin mine
Kids need to chill and resign, don't waste your time
Cause you brothers are blind, y'all don't know
I got plenty rhymes, I bust your monkey ass anytime

[ 3rd Eye ]
Well, it's time to manifest this manifestation
Of a ill skill will, free will abil'
Still doin 10 more years on a bid
For the verbal assaults on these kids out
They think they dope, set up on a Troo Kula scale
Weighed less than a gram, was a flam for my sale
Yeah, cause I can flip that ???
Never knew a lyric who flew
Troo the trendsetter, flex to get better
Decipher your code to the very last letter
I can't sink with this instinct to think
My thought caught abroad, your skull to the brink
With a wink, I re-define the dense contents
Of nonsense, flip that to intelligence
You want it hemmed up, stitched up, sewn up
Aw shit, kid, you don't know a fuck


Bronx represent (represent)
Queens represent (represent)
Brooklyn represent (represent)
Bed-Stuy, Bed-Stuy, Bed-Stuy represent
Represent, represent
Represent, represent
Staten Island (Wu-Tang)
Represent, represent
Represent, represent
Long Island represent, represent
Represent, represent
Boogie Down Bronx representin y'all for 1994
Remember that
We out


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