Jay-t's Intro

Kanye West

this is it Rod.
im n Diplomats now.
but im n Diplomats South.
yo, ya.
i sale that snow.
i be the kidd.
i aint no play.
tryin to get paid.
all girls want to lay.
next to my dick.
n they mouf n shit.
my kidds they play.
when i skeat, girl.
i beat it good.
yo-yo u know i swang that good wood.
they see as King of the C-Town.
all day this where i be now.
i say fuck school.
fuck school, fuck rules.
fuck rules, fuck u.
fuck u, fuck me.
cutt u, u cutt me.
do me, do u.
we make a kidd.
kidds r pie pie.
teens get blowed high.
grown folks r feans.
they snort polk n beans.
i got that push it, push it.
come head n got it.
cause i push it, cook it.
cook it, push it.
niggas know that i look it.
the part of a dealer.
coke saler.
yayo man.
hey girl.
ur man.
this man has 90grand.
im no cowered.
yo nower.
my gun goes bang.
u hit, got lit.
ur block put up 5000 dollas.


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