Drug Dealin' Just To Get By

Kanye West

Oh yea, I got the perfect song for the kids to sing...
All my people thas

Drug dealin just to get by
Stackin money til it gets sky high
We wasn't s'posed to make it past 25
The joke's on you we still alive
Thro yo hands up in the sky and say
We don't care what people say

If this is yo firs time hearin this
You are bout to experience somethin so cold man
We never had nothin handin
Took nothin fer granted
Took nothin from no man
Man, im my own man

But as a shorty i looked up to the dope man
The only adult, man
I knew dat wasn broke, man
Flicken starter coats, man
Man, you don't know, man

This is fa my niggaz outside all winta
Cuz this summa they ain't funna
Say "Next summa im funna"
Sittin in the hoods like community colleges

This dope money here is little Tre's scholorship
Cuz ain't no tuition fa havin no ambition
An ain't no lones fa sittin yo ass at home
So we forced to cell crack, rap, and git a job
You gotta do somethin man yo ass is grown

[chorus - Kanye West - "kids sing, kids sing"]

The second verse is for my dogs workin 9 - 5
That still hustle cuz a nigga cain't shine off 6.55
An everybody sellin makeup, Jacobs
And BOOTLEG tapes just to get they cake up
We put shit on layaway then come back
We claim other people's kids on our income tax
We take that money, cop work, then push pounds to get paid
And we don't care what people say

Mama say she wanna move south
Scratchin lottery tickets, eyes on a new house
Bout the same time Do ran up in dudes house
Couldn't get a job so since he couldn't get work
He figyad he'd take work
The drug game bullemic It's hard to get weight
A niggaz money is homo it's hard to get straight
But we gone keep bakin til the day we git cake
And we don't care what people say
My niggaz...

[chorus - Kanye West


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