Better Than Yours

Kanye West

(featuring Common)

My raps is better than yours
My plaques is better than yours
My tracks is better than yours
You can have one but I have to charge

We can start with the hits on my arm I already got the bomb
Now all I need is my first LP to go gold
Then I will have the Kwam uh-uh uh-uh uh-uh
I'm Kon the Louis Vuitton Don
Bought my Mom a purse now she Louis Vuitton Mom
Still might throw on a little low arm they want me to stop go on gon
They don't want me to shop and me spending that hard
Oh my God is that a black card?
I turned around and replied why yes,
But I prefer the term African-American Express


La La La La La Off MTV
La La La La La When you gonna go out with Me

Brains Power and Muscle like Dame Puffy and Russell
Your boy back on his hustle don't know you don't discuss you
Every rapper want to know when they can get to work
Every stylist want to know where they can get the shirts
Everybody ripping my style like the shit that hurts
But they don't give me my credit that's the shit that hurts
There's something I might say There's something I might play
A beat I might made might make they life change
And save they whole deal They wrist is on chill
They house is on hill You could be Lauren Hill
See y'all write songs to keep the lights on
I'ma go in Def Jam and turn the brights on
Man I'm just sayin
When I wanted to rap y'all thought I was just playin
Now you just prayin


You was a vic in high school now you a thug
Better step in the name of love
Before you giving pain a hug
Needing dope is like pain to drugs
Or aiming slugs til the game unplugged
Like a scoreboard with vice and warlords
Hot merchandise prices they want more for it
You was pink as ice single need to think it twice
Over the bitch and you came out like freaks in the night
Freed your mind at a cheaper price on the street trying to seek advice
I'm on point like I speak to dice
Took the underground at a steeper heights
May real niggaz see the light got fat girls eating right

Ha ha we in this bitch
It's Common and Kanye y'all niggaz know what time it is
Chi-Town motherfuckers DJ Ferris Heavy Hitters What Up?
Mike Love What Up? DJ Enuff
Foreal(Pharrell) That's my favorite producer by the way
that's why I had to rap on this Cuz
His tracks is Better Than Yours
My tracks is Better Than Yours
Just Blaze tracks is Better Than Yours
You can have one but we all gonna
Plain Pat What Up? Big John What Up? John Mnop(Monopoly) What Up?
Don. C What Up? J.B. What Up? GLC What Up? Bang What Up? Yeah
Really Doe
What Up?
Arrowstar What Up? Yeah!
Oh did I mention the new head of my management Benny Madina
Yo G, Hop we taxin these niggaz right now Plain Pat What Up?
That's all


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