I'm on fire, burning with the question in my mind
Strange desire, seems there's nothing else for me to find.
'Cause I've been here, and I've been there,
Seems like I've been everywhere before
I've seen it all a hundred times,
Still I think there surely must be more.
I've been livin', I had to take my time and change my style
Now I wonder is something gonna make it all worthwhile
I know there's more than meets the eye, I'd like to see it
'fore I die for sure
Something tells me it's all right, only one step closer
To the door
There ain't no feelin', feels the same as findin' out the key.
Now I'm reelin', thinking of the things that I might see
I'm not afraid to face the light, I'm not afraid to think
that I might fall
I was going nowhere fast, I was needing something
that would last


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