How Can We Be Friends

Justin Timberlake

How should I treat you tonight
For month you've been out of my sight
No kissing no talking
Felt like "Dead Man Walking"
How can we be friends?

If you feel somethin' today
Than please say what you say
Please say that you love me
Even if you hate me
It is okay

In every streetlamp
Your smile makes me cry
With every single tear
You're askin' me why
Because I love you
And we belong together
From now till this life ends
How Can We Be Friends?

Again you say it's over now
I'm glad someway, somehow
You say you must go home now
But I'll stay your mate, wow
That hurts in a way


That is for sure
Never you'll find again
A love witch is so pure
How can we be friends?
And we belong together
No matter what you say
How can we be friends?



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