Satire #1

John Lennon

Lord, take this makeup of off of me.
I said, "lordy, lordy, lordy, take this makeup offa me."
It's bad enough on the beach,
But it's worse in the sea.

Because i'm knockin' on heaven's door.
Because i'm lookin' for my ma.

I said, "ma, take these guns away from me."
I said, "ma, take these guns away from me."
I got so thin now, they're draggin' me down to my knees.
Oh yeah, man, do you mr. jones?

Now i've been here so long, i almost forgot my name.
I said, "lord i been here so long i almost forgot my name."
But as long as i keep touring,
I'll always be in the game, fame, brain, shame and fame and game, fame, fame....


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