I shouldn't care

Edith Piaf

I shouldn?t care
What if he tells me that we?re through
I shouldn?t care
I?ll get along, I always do
Why should I care
Why beat my head against the wall
I shouldn?t care at all?

This was supposed to be clever
Carefree and carelessly wild
Now when he tells me it?s over
I fall in love like a child

I didn?t care
Until the flame began to cool
I didn?t care
But now I?m falling like a fool
It isn?t fair
And I keep saying as I fall
I shouldn?t care at all

I have to work for a living
I?m no Marie-Antoinette
People who work for a living
Can?t run away to forget

So here I am
Not even dreams left on my shelf
How near I am
To going mad here by myself
Why did I dare
Right from the start, I swear I knew
I shouldn?t care? but I do?


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