Work It Out

Destiny's Child

Beat Boxing)
(Come on oh!)
(Sing it girl!)
How u doin honey baby?
U know I dont ask for much but for girls
Spendin time Alone can be pretty rough
But I get a knock on my door
U know its yours for sure
Can?t wait for the barrels so just hit the floor.
(Sing it girl)
Is ya'll all right?
I dunno, but i know what's happenin to me girl
Is ya'll all right?
Uh! Break it down now!
See u gotta work it out!
See u gotta work it out!
A brotha gotta work it out!
Child blow your horn now!
C'mon child blow your horn now!
So we shakin back & forth now
Just keep it comin babe
Treat my body like a guitar ,
U gotta keep on strummin
But in the back of my mind
Is it gonna be the last time?
Well if it ain?t about lovin?
and you gonna keep it comin
than baby with me that?s fine
Is ya?ll all right?
I donno but I know whats happenin to me girl!
Is ya?ll all right?
Uh break it down now!
See u gotta work it out!
See you gotta work it out!
Brotha gotta work it out!
Child blow yah horn now!
C'mon child blow ya horn now!
I like this Ohhh heyyay!
(ugh look here breathe!)
So baby hold me.
Like u don?t wanna let go.
I?m feelin foxy cuz boy ur workin it out!
Ooh baby you givin me a taste of yo honey!
I want u to hole me high!
(hold me high)
I?m gonna call u my sugar
(Cuz I, I yahhhh)
Sweetie pie
(ooh sweetie pie)
See u gotta work it out
See u gotta work it out
Brotha gotta work it out
Uh huh ?
I like it when the horn blows! 4x
Hah oh!
(Austin betta break it out)
(Foxy betta break it out)
(Baby Cleo betta break it out)
(Baby freak betta break it out)


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