The Story Of Beauty

Destiny's Child

Compositor: B. Knowles / K. Fambro

Destiny's Child
Chorus: "Please dry your eyes, young girl,
don't cry you're beautiful
It's not your fault young girl,
don't cry you're beautiful
You're not the one to blame
Soon it'll be ok
One day you'll realize your beauty"

It was a Saturday a cold afternoon
inside this house there lived a frightened young girl
She didn't know what she should do
"cause she missed her mother so
She was left home all alone with her stepfather

--Chorus repeat--
He touched her in places he shouldn't have touched
He did some things to her, that he shouldn't have done
And she ran into her room
Paged her mother 911
And the tragedy began with this young girl
She told her mother, her family and friends
No one believed her 'cause before this happened
She was filled with hate and anger
Towards her stepfather
'cause he took her mother from her
when they married

--Chorus repeat w/ Beyonce echoing--
She looked for her father and the man that she saw
thought that all she had to offer was her body
No one could figure out why this
young girl would live her life in such pain and unhappiness
'Cause she was so beautiful
She rebelled then one daythe young girl fell in love
with another man like her stepdad,he abused her emotionally
and made her feel like she was worthless
I hope one day that she realizes and
sees the beauty in her eyes
all she needs is prayer and strength 'cause she's beautiful
Chorus Repeat-- w/ Beyonce saying in echo "I can't bear to seeyou cry one more time,
It's not your fault what he did to you, you know, I promise
you'll be ok, If your beautiful, Don't you know I love yougirl,
Your life has meaning Soon you'll be ok,--
Don't hold your head down low, You've got so much, so much,
so much, so much, so much to be proud of
You can still live your live
I promise you, you'll survive girl love you you're beautiful


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