Feel The Same Way I do

Destiny's Child

Feel the same way i do

(kelly spoken)

You know
We've been spending a lot of time together
And 'um, i was wondering do you (feel the same way i do)
I can tell you
Maybe even show you
But, it's better if i hear it from you
You know what,let me explain myself

It's 7're still here with me
And last night i held you tightly so
What does that mean
You see i know what it means to me
It means that i
Wait a minute you go (tell me)
Is your heart still spinning from the night before
(you were real good yeah)
And you really need to let me know
Are you just for (sexual dealings)


See if you are (then i)
I just can live a (lie)
Cause i'm certain how i feel about you
But if you tell me ( i )
Am the one and this is (right)
We can spend the night tonight like always


But first you, gotta tell me
That ya (fell the same way i do)
Don't you think you know
That i won't let you know unless you
(fell the same way i do)
See baby tell me what i gotta do
Before i get caught up in you
Do you really (fell the same way i do)
So tell me, tell me
This could be a good thing
But you gotta (fell the same way i do)

So now it's midnight
Haven't heard a reply
But i can see the truth lies in your eyes
Could it be that you've tried
But i didn't see the signs that passed me by
When you were making love to me
You said three times (you said)
You loved me (after)
You held me
But then you never even said goodnight (only thing i ask of you)
You give it (you wanting me)
I submitted, yeah
Still no commitment, but if i don't get it then ( i )




Ooo, i see your eyes
And i hear you callin'
I hear you speakin' and i'm needing
To hear somethin'
First thing i want to hear
I've been meaning to tell you something
The second thing is
If i can't have you then i don't want nothing


(male) who that knocking at my door this time of night
Oh, oh hey baby
What you, what you doing over here so late
(kelly) i want to tell you something
I just, i don't know how to tell you
Do you have anything you wanna say?
All right, you know what?
I love you


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