Long Time Gone

Deep Purple

Hey, hey good looking, what's wrong with you
Hey bad looking, why do you feel so blue
You don't know, Jax hit a long bow out of the ground
Don't go fall you'll miss it all man you're looking down
I said there's no such shame as an ugly woman
No, there's no such thing as an ugly man
No such thing babe, it's hanging up on where you stand
While your eyes just watching out things are living grand

Oeh, hoe you're a long time gone
Oeh, hoe long time gone, oh yeah baby

(Montreux Jazz Night)
Get on now
Don't go fall you'll miss it all
Please stop these sky is grey
But the sun is shining somewhere every day
Ah, come on now baby

Baby, baby ,baby

Ah, changing weather, it's a beautiful thing
Just, being together, it's a beautiful thing
(Montreux Jazz Night)
Long straps hanging like a bear drape hanging down
They'll rock the shock of your paradise you have found

Woe, hoe, you're a long time gone
Woe, hoe, wow, long time gone
You long time gone
Yeah, hoe come on baby
Hoe, now long time gone
Yeah, baby come on
We hoe
Hey babe, come on


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