Dream Scream

Death Cab For Cutie

Having dreams about you
I want to scream about you
I?m having dreams about you
I want to scream about you

Everything you?ve done
You were the girl who seemed to own the world
Everything was about you

I took a chance to call you my own
I didn?t know a thing about you
I though you could love
What a fool I was

It was going on
I was just singing my songs
There was something mad about you

I took it wrong
You liked my song
Why couldn?t I have you

A crazy dream you done me wrong
You left me long
I couldn?t stand a chance with out you
You said that love was dead and in my head
I just couldn?t believe it

And on the phone you said
You never knew me at all (2x)

I thought there was love
What a fool I was

And everything was in hyper-jinx
Just like an old time movie

You don?t understand
Can?t comprehend

I guess it doesn?t really matter
And every dream a nightmare
And nothing really matters

I thought I was Loved
What a fool I was

Having dreams about you (4x)


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