Dead Fish

When you stay contrite praying for the gods,
someone is talking and trying to command your mind,
and with the money of innocent people benevolence,
made a machine of illusion to command the world (humanity)
While you destroy yourself on this state of mind,
I?d like to tell you some truth (lie, shit, nothing)
cause there?s no Buddha, no ALA, no Jesus Christ, to forgive
what your religion used to do.
Centuries of war made in name of one god, and millions of
children are killed with out even know why.
I don?t believe that this seet can put your life in peace, and if
you care, I don?t mind if one day you?re gonna get rich,
religion never gave people better life, only work on his rule,
and use people, etniesand races to make money for his own.


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