The Party

Dead Fish

Come on everybody let?s join the party they?re killing
another brother, so let?s go, maybe they?ll let us see!
How fascinating scene where everything come out
in a distorted way.
Come on let?s go let?s watch a new sacrifice,
they manipulate, i know what is better for me yeah,
they don?t killed our bro. it?s just a movie scenery!
now I?m fascinate, come on join us and celebrate
the new order (that you) now imposed
so now we just a little bit concerned! or just cry for a few?
While they?re killing million and we can only see one or two.
What?s on TV? Sometimes we do the same!
Cause we have messias who only says the truth
and we don?t wanna hear the voice of pervert youth
all these children need?s a dosage of reality in our institution
to learn not speak nosence about our good system
our community is tired of been defied by this dirty punks.
(they manipulate... now I?m fascinate...) is there any answer
for what they are doing we can?t also assume but sometimes


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