Fight For Conscience

Dead Fish

If you think that is all OK around you around the world you should
better open a book and study some real history. But your mind smells like
mud, your brain in your knees, the bad politician you voted last year is
fucking your life now you can?t say anything you gave him power.
Conscience is a virtue that everybody could have but the establishment don?t
want they prefer, empty brains is a easiest to command and lie everybody
must fight for conscience. Those false culture vehicled by TV and demagogic
ideas are always in the top in benefit of the great minority cuz you can?t
fucking stay against and in a minute the government put you in the wall with
the police that you?ll give it away. How can this world became a
machine of brain wash a racial, etnical disturbs. Sometimes is hard to
understand that half of world don?t know how to read and the rest is
manipulate by education schools.


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