Dead Fish

Compositor: Dead Fish

Thinking' and talking' asking a question why people die?
Nobody tell me and omissions says what can I do?
Because of this shit this world is sinking and sinking on graymire
and the money support ignorance, alienation while damn' lie.
Damn' lie is a knife fixed in your back.
Damn' lie stupid what can you do?
Damn' lie less conscience more money.
Damn' lie a race got fucked!
The stronger get money while destroying your people
everybody like soap operas on TV.
Your son is getting high
with drugs and this people
support disease
and damn' lie.
Damn' lie your mind is deep in the dark
and your people now are fucking getting poor.
Damn' lie the stupid of this guys don't see any limit
I think they are blind destroying themselves!
Give me a reason
why this global situation
the money is eating all until your brain.
Why people
don't open their eyes
to see this muthafucka
damn' lie.


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