Save The Day

David Archuleta

Compositor: C. Nielsen / D. Baker / M. Seminari

Tied to the tracks and I hear you call,
Your voice is shaking,
The train is coming faster than you thought and there?s no escaping it,
And you think that you know how the end of the story goes,
That?s the page I re-wrote and I?ve taken away the ropes,
There?s more hope than you?ll ever know

So keep breathing, I say that I?d always be there,
Now I mean it more than ever before,
There?s a future worth fighting for,
So don?t be scared,
I know how you must be feeling,
With no one to help you carry the pain,
I?m coming to save the day

Hands on the clock are standing still,
But your heart is racing,
You?re losing your grip on the window sill,
Going down by the weight of it,
And you pray for belief,
As you lie on the bathroom floor,
As you wait, you can see,
There?s a light underneath it all,
This is the day you?ve been waiting for


We?re finally breaking into the daylight,
Feel the warmth of the sun,
I will stand by your side till your fear passes on,
so just look in my eyes,
And baby try to hold on and you find it won?t be long


Tied to the tracks and I hear you call,
Your voice is shaking...


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