My Hands

David Archuleta

Accidentally, on purpose
I dropped my watch behind the tire
Threw my alarm clock inside the fireplace - Yeah

And I put the parental control on
On the news and the weather channel - Uh
I'm outside in my robe
I'm looking for you - Oh

If everything stopped
I'd listen for your heart
To lead me right to you - Yeah
I tried every way I can

But it's harder to hold on
to your hands than the hands of time
I need a hand
Girl, I'm trying to hold on,
Losing strength in these hands of mine
I need you here
I'm trying to hold on,
I'm standing here, open hands
And I know I can't do this alone
Hold on, hold on
Baby hold on
Can you hold on to my hands
Don't let go

I don't think this is working
Reasons so hard, my hands are hurting
I got to let go in the first place - Yeah

And I put the phone on the front lone
Everything that shows time's gone
I'm outside in this council looking for you


Hold on to my, my hands
Don't let go off my hands



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