I Suck Big Monkey Nuts

Dave Matthews Band

"Dave Matthews Band is a group of gay homos
No musical talent they sound like a bunch of queers
There fans start riots over a calm music
It makes no sense he has no talent
and can't compare to PEARL JAM
Cuz DMB sucks some mighty big cock
There singer sounds like he singing
Through a dirty smelly old sock
They really fucking blow
I just want you to know that this
Is going to be the new release of
the DMB realization album"

The above is from the original composer of the lyrics to
DMB's apparently unreleased song "I Suck Big Monkey Nuts"
on the also unreleased album, "DMB Sucks Dick". This man
is an idiot. I'm not really sure what he's so upset about,really.
People like acoustic music, oh no. DMB also makes a different
genre of music than Pearl Jam; thats like comparing AC/DC to
Frank Sinatra, they have completely different styles. Samething
here, Dave Matthews is generally more acoustic, slower stuffwith
the occasional rock song, ie "Ants Marching" and "I Did It." Inthe
future lets keep the band bashing to bad bands like, well,anything
rap, and lay off musical gods like Dave Matthews. And by theway,
nothing of the like should take place on, which isa
lyrics site. Man, this guy is an idiot....

I agree. What a freak. If you dislike the music so much, thenwhy
are you bothering telling all of us about it? You have WAY toomuch
time on your hands, pal. Get a life, anyway. Dave Matthews isthe
sexiest songwritter in the world, and his band jams it likethere's
gonna be no tommorrow. How about you just listen to whatever
craphole music you want to, and we will listen to good music.
How's that?

hmmmmm..... life? get one
thank you


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