Dave Matthews Band

Compositor: Dave matthews

Instead of stopping
You came out and left me there
I wonder still darling

Oh man oh she became a game
Wonder what you meant
When you said one thing
But did another

Oh hey yeah
What you'd give to be me
Or what i be
Yeah but stare (if that?? in fact???) you do what you do
But please just stay away from me

I start to cry just a couple times
And then i'm gonna get heavy on you
You say oh this is the last night
Last night i'm coming back
Cause i swear now i know what you do

You're crazy
If it helps you get by
I tell you you're crazy
Even so you lie

Oh mercy that you did
Come oh sound like a train into me
Stop her heart
What do i make of you
I tell you i make nothing at all

So i offer that do this you did
You got your time
And left me there standing
I look like a fool
But do you... so
When you shed those tears
Falls it ever worse been shed
I will not swim in the river then

Once to get by
I tell you you're crazy
If you think that'll fly please

You got more time i said
I wanna give the bone
You say well i take it back to the top
You say you wanna start again
I say no way no way
But you convince me again
You get me back there

Oh just one time
I'd like to be standing staring at you
Broken from myself

You're crazy
Once you get by
I tell you you're crazy
You wanna live this lie again
I tell you you're crazy babe
If you think that'll fly
Oh i tell you you got to be crazy
If you think that'll fly

I'll try to get tied


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