Boy Whith A Dream

Cídia e Dan

Compositor: Dan Torres

I'm just a boy with a dream
Baring my soul for all to see
Trying to find a way through il all
Give a love and a sweet guitar
And i´ll play from dawn untill the evening stars
Losing myself in a fantasy
wo wo i cant help it if l always been a dreamer
That´s just my way
I keep believing cos it doesnt matter what they say

Cos l know life can be cruel
But l know life can be kind
It can bring you to your knees
Make you laught and make you cry
But l've got love in my heart
And l've got fire in my soul
I'm gonna dance my way through everyday and sing untill it´s
Time to go

I'm just a boy with a dream
I cant let it go is taken over me
Keeping the spirit in my soul alive
I heed the words thas wise people say
I'm living and learning every single day
Trying to fight my way trough it all
wo wo


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