Keep It Movin'

Chris Brown

She look up
From the book
She was readin'
With the prettiest smile
That I ever saw
Curly hair down back
And the skin
Like cinnamon brown
Without a flaw
And then those eyes
Made my heart
Stop in my chest
And she said "hi"
And it was hard
To catch my breath

I said
"Hey lil mama
I don't mean
To bother at all
My name is Chris"
(Hello, hello)
And before
She could answer
I said
"Listen to this
I think
You're fineee"
And she cracked
That smile again
It's say goodbye
To my homies
And your friends

We can dip out alone
(Keep it movin')
Do something fun
(And keep it movin')
Talk about life
About love
That's wats up
Keep it movin' (ohh)
Don't matter at all (all)
Where ever go (go)
Oh (oh)
Girl just come on
Let's keep it movin'

So we exchange numbers
I told her
I'll be at her crib
By a quarter to six
We can go
Get a bite little lady
Or chill at the mall
And catch a flick
If that's alright
She said
"As long
I'm home by nine
Whatever we do
Is fine"

I can't believe
I can't believe
That she's here
With me
And God oh me no
(God oh me knows
how far we can go)
Then I hope
This night
Will go my way
And we can do
This everyday
And if I'm cool
And take my time
I might just get
A kiss goodnight



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