I'm Afraid

Chris Brown

It's kinda crazy
I feel this way
Baby, I'm sayin
Wat kinda man
Have I come to know
To be out there playin'
But baby
I got alot to say
I hope u listen
'Cause I been
A fool gone crazy
Without you with me

Oh why, oh why, oh why
I been stupid
I apologize I owe u
Baby, please
Don't burry me alive
Cause iy's
Killing me inside
And I can't lie girl

I'm afraid
That your cheating
Must have been
My love me
Neglectin your trust
As if it
Was enough I messed up
I'm afraid
That your givin' up
I did to much
My love rite now
It's all about us
All about
All about us
My love

It's kinda crazy
About my baby
She was
Neva complainin'
She was neva
Fed up with me
But I kept
On changin' one time
Had the nerve to say
That she was lammin'
She couldn't compare
Thoose otha girl
Wouldn't care
To deal with me

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