Final Destination

Chris Brown

Departure time 7:30
I'm packed and ready to go,
1st class ticket outta here,
I think its time,
to put it back in gear,
no more standin by,
I'm tryin to stay clear,

Turbulence got me nervous,
i should have never flown,
scared when you fly alone again,
you know the atmosphere wasn't perfect,
I'm thinkin to myself was it worth it,

Layover's almost over,
I can see clearly ,
No more stormy weather,
Exit now,
don't pull on the lever, lever
this gone be my final destination
no more sittin round havin my time wasted

you say its now or never
i pick never we can be together
so come down
no more red eye late nights
no one way more connected flights

when we stared out knew this relationship was unhealthy
you broke the code
never thought that you would stoop so low
you got me flyin solo
now you cryin talkin bout you cant live without me yeah


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