Chris Brown

Verse 1:

You don't see me
The same no more
It's hard
To see the light with closing doors
Don't treat me like
Like I'm invisible
Your tone with me
It's not the usual
We scream, we fight
Saying things that we both regret
And that's not right
That you could just forget me like that
You've never tried
Always taking the easy route
Always taking the easy route
Never want to work it out

You want to be free
You want to leave me
I can't believe
'Cause without you
Baby I'm incomplete

Am I erased
Just a segment
Of your imagination
I'm feeling replaced
Like a faded picture
Where you can't see my face
Scratched out

Verse 2:

In memory of
What we used to call love
I reminisce
When it used to be us
Remember when
When I was the most
Important to you
But now I'm a ghost
This trust has died
There's no way we can bring it back
We live our life
No holds-barred
And no strings attached
It's in your eyes
A part of you just wants me back
And all of me just wants you back

You want to be free
You want to leave me
I can't believe
Am I.. Am I..


Can anybody see me
See me now?
I'm erased from the crowd
So cold and I don't know how
Find me now.........



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