Potion Approaching

Arctic Monkeys

Compositor: Alex Turner

I was biting a time zone
and we embelished the banks of our bloodstreams
and of course it does look colourful
and we fell asleep in the car
Untill the bumps woke me up in your grip
and the tide took me to your mouth
and then swept me down back to your palms
It's them that put me inside a reminder
That yours is the only ocean
That i wanna swing from
Yours is the only ocean
That i wanna hang on

I've got this ego overdamage?
She's always trying to give me vitamins
I should be frightened of your reflection
I preferred her as a cartoon
If i could be someone else for a week
I'd spend it chasing after you
Shes not shattered in my attitude

No matter how she forms the potion
Yours in the only ocean i wanna swing on
Yours is the only ocean that i wanna hang on to

Yours is the only ocean
Yours is the only ocean
Yours is the only ocean
Yours is the only ocean

Potion approaching, sheild your eyes
Potion approaching, visualise
Holding a token, swollen in size
Potion approaching, shield your eyes

Oh if were gunna escape girl
We really ought to think it through
Would you like me to build you a go-kart?


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