Never Loved Before

Alan Jackson

Girl, I swear you
Got me acting crazy
Half the time
I don't know
What my name is
I'm the kind
Who like
To take it slow
And lazy
Girl, yo ugot me
Runnin' hot and hazy

Oh, I love you like I never
Oh, I love you like I never
Oh, I love you like I never
Loved before

You got me runnin'
Like a rocket
You stole my heart
And stuck
It in your pocket
And now
I got your face
Inside my lockett
I really tried
But I dont think
I can stop it baby


You sat beside me
Last night on the sofa
I took your hand
And pulled you
Little closer
You kissed my lips
And then you
Let me hold yah
That feels the way
That loves supposed
To feel baby


You held the door
When we went to the movies
I like your quirky
Sneeky sense of humor
Your strong and sweet
And all the things I needed
Your the one that keeps
My heart a beetin'


My heart starts beatin'
When it's time
For you to leave me

Yah, my heart
Starts spinnin

Every time
That your near me



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