What'cha Gone Do



See im a real G from head to toe
The whole West Coast to let you know
Got a floor that seeks Namonia
Never will i live California

Poppin, scrapes, scrapin, old school swanging, triple gold degons
Hustlers hustle gangsters banging
Whatch fo colour you wear and watch for u hangin
Whatch for you claiming its B's and C's
This is G's is more than palm trees and weed
Is more than movie stars and models
Is more than Holleywood Boulevard and Roscoes
More like east-side browns pat and vato
Take it up north to the bay when we ghosts ride out locs
Your boy flow colder Tahoe then Robie out Roscoes got a pacaralo
Side show 24's on this shure box
Gass stepped brake everybody shake it real lops
And give it up for Mac Dre and Pac
All eyez on that heify move me call it baywatch
And i'm youck hasselhoff the boss
24's on the porsche yeah it cost a floss
Venn this bitch that you brought yeah sho toss the boss
Was the chicken straight without the sauce?
Take it off


Westside westside G's throw your setzi
And represent from felix midgeon tooky
To my dudes in the pen[itenciary] to my youngsters in groovy

Ice cubes on my neck pack a mac10 uzzy
Only pussy vertical high like AMG
Cause its funky enough like DOC
Young duzine like Eazy-E
And the whole Cali will love it like Tupac and Dre
Top dog like SN double O P
Daz and Kurupt raised gin like the DPG
I used to pack a hammer tricked crooked eye
y'all make me a rapper a hammer a crooked eye
I like my mommma new ports banging too shorts
Back in 86' when rappers all new born
Cool man spice one dangerous thing
Richie Rich for them boss
Niggaz slanging the cain
But on seat is like keep the sneak
We get that mailman like 40 bleed the streets
Out Cali..


REG IME LBC yeah that's me
I do been high since the day of dust shack
The hood done fashion bricks and big masters
Gone fresh coes got swagged your big dad
Gang bang started with the tribe to plee at
Kicked down at door ripped up the floor
First motherf**kers to rap for Sign Moore
Bow be back take a look and face it
The Julio Cezar chapped before this rap shit
To inverce with my toughts i'm a classic
All school rap daddy on your caskets



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