Work It

50 Cent

Dj Please, Pick Up Your Phone
I'm On The Request Line
This Is A Missy Elliott One Time Exclusive
(c'mon, C'mon)


Is It Worth It, Let Me Work It
I Put My Thing Down, Flip It And Reverse It
Ti Esrever Dna Ti Pilf, Nwod Gniht Ym Tup I

If You Got A Big [elephant Noise], Let Me Search Ya
To Find Out How Hard I Gotta Work Ya
I Put My Thing Down, Flip It And Reverse It
Ti Esrever Dna Ti Pilf, Nwod Gniht Ym Tup I

I'd Like To Get To Know Ya So I Could Show Ya
Put The Pussy On Ya Like I Told Ya
Gimme All Your Numbers So I Could Phone Ya
Your Girl Actin' Stank Then Call Me Over
Not On The Bed, Lay Me On Your Sofa
Phone Before You Come, I Need To Shave My Chocha
You Do Or You Don't Or You Will Or Won't Ya
Go Downtown And Eat It Like A Vulture
See My Hips And My Tips, Don't Ya
See My Ass And My Lips, Don't Ya
Lost A Few Pounds In My Waist For Ya
This Be The Beat That Goes Ba-ta-ta
Sex Me So Good I Say Blah-blah-blah
Work It, I Need A Glass Of Water
Boy, Oh, Boy, It's Good To Know Ya


If You A Fly Gal Get Your Nails Done
Get A Pedicure, Get Your Hair Did
Boy, Lift It Up, Let's Make A Toast-a
Let's Get Drunk, That's Gon' Bring Us Closer
Don't I Look Like A Halle Berry Poster
See The Belvedere Playin' Tricks On Ya
Girlfriend Wanna Be Like Me, Never
You Won't Find A Bitch That's Even Better
I Make You Hot As Las Vegas Weather
Listen Up Close While I Take It Backwards
(watch The Way Missy Like To Take It Backwards)
I'm Not A Prostitute, But I Could Give You What You Want
I Love Your Braids And Your Mouth Full Of Funk
Love The Way My Ass Go Bum-bum-bum-bum
Keep Your Eyes On My Bum-bum-bum-bum-bum
And Think You Can Handle This Gadonk-a-donk-donk
Take My Thong Off And My Ass Go Vroom
Cut The Lights Off So You See What I Could Do


Boys, Boys, All Type Of Boys
Black, White, Puerto Rican, Chinese Boys
Girl, Girl, Get That Cash
If It's 9 To 5 Or Shakin' Your Ass
Ain't No Shame, Ladies Do Your Thang
Just Make Sure You Ahead Of The Game
Just 'cause I Got A Lot Of Fame Supa
Prince Couldn't Get Me Change My Name Papa
Kunta Kinte A Slave Again, No Sir
Picture Black Sayin', "oh, Yes A Master"
Picture Lil' Kim Dating A Pastor
Minnie Me And Big Ren Can Out Last Ya
Who Is The Best, I Don't Have To Ask Ya
When I Come Out You Won't Even Matter
Why You Act Dumb Like "uh, Duh"
So You Act Dumb Like "uh, Duh"
As The Drummer Boy Go Pa-rom-pop-pom-pom
Give You Some-some-some Of This Cinnabun


To My Fellas, Ooooh
Good God, I Like The Way You Work That
To My Ladies, Woo
You Sure Know How To Work That, Good God


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