What Can You Do?

50 Cent

Compositor: Curtis J. Jackson / R. Cruz

[verse1- 50 Cent]
Since I get out of jail, since Yay' got out of jail
The New York streets became an hell
And niggas rivals grateful for help
Speak of that nigger returned home
Yellow-Bottle and Don P. the warm zone
Now, they spit fire through the mouth as a Pokemon
When I remember that 'loca'
Killers entering the school of Yoga
I'll fly in Corolla
Bentley is in the workshop
Buying condoms, you see me in a sex-shop
From LA to New York, also trafficked that BULLSHIT
They want to be on my side, which is the NEWSHIT?
Burning the bitch here on the roof nigger
Ending all Don P and all liquor
Breaking the Hood, ending with his gang
Game down, play in life, you put it out of the game
His photo will print a box of cereal
You have your face on CNN in a video
An upturn is on your head, and I in Rio

[chorus- 50 Cent]2x
They don't want to go out on our side
They just want to leave your side
Nigga hey, nigga woo
50 & Yay' what can you do?

[verse2- Yayo]
No more drama nigger
Come on my crew
This is my new
My gun continues with that shine
You keep coming in my line
You know that it's the bullet
A touch on NexTel and a call
I ask the green light on you
But your friend Kim can be my mule boo?'
My coke, my pistol, my style
My smile is so white, this is my smile
I love those legs, Yea so Suzie
Use it, this is the new bid, new music
It still remember that banana shit?
I have a comb loaded shit
You know us, is the G-Unit soldiers
When the G-Unit you are game over
Look at this clip of guava (haha)
My cuz Banks and Dre, a party in LA
The nation's fight-free, BJ and Anderson Sil-v-a

[talking- Yayo & (50 Cent)]
The award comedy of the year goes to... Fat Joe!
(Hey Joe, go to what the fucker' home - hahaha)


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