These Murderers

50 Cent

Ha Ha Ha...Ja Thinks he's gonna shoot me..(50 Cent)
Let's take care of the murda mothafuckas. (Lloyd Banks)

(Lloyd Banks)

Yo You call Yourself murderers but U aint never killed
And Irv's really fat, never missed a meal
U better watch it, our gangstas loading up
Leave NYC now or get the fucked up.
We'll kill your whole crew, leave the three women
Empty out Ja, let Ashanti have a nice big dinner (slurp)
I never knew there could be so much pussies
So little veterans, these murderer rookies
Ride Wit Us? Is That A Song
Chink in The Water all day long hiding his thong
No Use, Your careers over
You'll get the full effect of my loaded up ruder
My 45's stashed in my dresser
I got my shotty, AK, and ready to impress her
Charlie looks like a new Michael Jackson
She'll get nine nice bullets the next Curtis Jackson
How dare you even mention our name on a track
Looks like you've been doin a little too much crack
Ja you need a down chick? You need to run
Who knows what might happen when I let off my gun (I DO)
We'll enter your bulding. ask your dumb guards for permission
(Guard) Aren't You 50, Yayo: Time to learn a lesson (gunshots)
Enter your dwellin area let off some clips
See Ja hanging limply, Irv wit a bag of chips
Blood sqirting the ground, Ashanti startin to cry
Whats funnier, Irv didnt say Goodbye
Jody and Crack are already runnin
I'll catch up though, out two in thier skulls bitch
This is real beef, dont confuse it
Bullets screwed your rap, your life, Irv you are losin

Chorus: (50 Cent)

These Murderas (Thinkin They Are Hott)
These Murderas (Are about to get Shot)
These Murderas (Aint look so damn big)
These Murderas (I'm that young ass kid)

Tony Yayo

These Murderas, yo they just really frightened
When they see the size of my shotty, only hightened
I aint never scared probably cuz i got a 12 guage shotty
Kill Ja and ashanti put five in Irv Gotti (HA HA)
Is the x a little too much for you?
I think, but Irv aint got nuttin to do.

Chorus 2x


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