The Re-Up

50 Cent

[Verse 1: Eminem]
There's Never been this much of a menace
In this game is this and it's the most sinister dude in the business
Once again it's the illest and realest killers
The most villainous dre protege shady's apprentice
Drop them (zounds??) and get with these heels
Do you want losers to winners
This music is in us
And it's not over til we say it's finish
And G-unit spinners will keep spinning this is hip hop's point attendece
Truest form the greatest hate us or love us
Make voodoo dolls of us and keep sticking them pins in us
Thick as the skin is or short as his weakest
The trick is to be able to walk big as his dick his
And as sick as his music is
Or was
Still is
He will be the illest
To ever to shock the world what to do next
He already reconcile with ????? chainsaw and a axe
Choke a bitch to death
Strangle her neck
While we have sex while bill clinton plays the sax
I sprays the facts
Yea bring shady on back
The maniac of rap
Devil baby on crack
Resurrect i never left baby im bad
I've gone mad my comrades dre's is automac
They said im too broke to fix
Way beyond that
I may be off drugs but it's made me off track
In fact this right here very well could be the last rap
I ever do spit
I'll never do shit
That's That
Fuck it i quit
Suck on a dick
Im done with this wack ass rap
Kiss my black ass

[Verse 2: 50 Cent]
Naw Em tell them to kiss my black ass
The clean parts
the shitty parts
My Bulletwounds
My Beautymarks
The 5th will tear your ass apart
Came in this game crushin motherfuckers feet stuck
Shady paid me
Shady Crazy
50 crazy rich bitch
Live the day
Not the chain
It's the same shit trick
Teflon wrapped on
In case i get clapped on
D's searching the whip glad i left the mack home
Still grinding
Still Shining
Nigga Lord Knows
You rocking with the kid that spit sicker sick flows
I carried Games's styles for 9 months and gave birth to it
Now i'm feeling like a proud father watching him do it
Everyday Dre day
Front of course it's Melee
Turn the town upside down
With a frown upside down
I smile do [?]
And watch my money pile
I'm fucking with straight stats
Im kicking you straight facts
I hit u where they bag it punk and bring me mine right back


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