Stretch Armstrong Freestyle

50 Cent

you see they call me stretch but when you come up to me im like
what the heck
yall see me big fifty and other than be a gansta i aint no
wankstb i still will
be only free stly king and me and jimmy will be on the scene
rapin like the
free stlye king well im 450m and i feelin a little jiggy see i
takke niggas
chain and check out all the chiken wangs sittin on the table

a its me the freestle king chillin wit my nigga fifty we got
hoes rockin pro
sittin hera just throwin bows hey its me represents H.V.D well i
ran out of
stuff to say exceot whenb im using my mouth piece to pigeon or
dime they askin
who that is talkin the shit about the tics somebody jelous cause
there bitch
got hit


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