Stay Gangstered Up

50 Cent

(50 Cent)
Yeah, I stay with my rap shit nigga, Go ahead and jump back nigga
You best be on Your best behavior in this motha fucker

I stay gangtered up
Niggas that got shit on me
And I stay wit my gat
Incase i got to pop somebody
G-Unit click, ur blind if u can't see
That we run the streets
Nigga u better ask somebody

(Tony YaYo)
I got a rifie with a scope in the trunk of the viper
So I shoot off the roof like the DC sniper
I just bought a ? and a bran new piece
And a level 2 vest and a bran new piece
These young hip hop nigga don't want no beef
They'll get shot and draged to the hip hop police
Nigga to guns up, I'll run up on your label
Why is your gun in your house like a house potato?(Yeah!)


(Lloyd Banks)
These hoes don't want me to stop, But this is the worse part
I was born with this game, Like birthmarks
I dont' trip, But i'm going to get alittle watch from my modeling chick
Because she spent alot of time on my dick
Bringing in a new fan every single time that i spit
? loving every dimond i get
Fast and fury in a red rover, As my bread folds
Beef i'll hit ur neck, Turn ur jewlery into red gold


(50 Cent)
I"m from the bottom man
Nigga's know i came up hard
I got a temper man, I'm looking for some shit to start
Man my tax record changed, I'm sitting on some change
The hoes man they changed, They don't treat me the same
It's not my looks that got me all up in them draws
It's the new M3 with the Lamborghini Doors
And my ememys they turned into dogs
Smell a leak in my clothes , Shorty be barking at me

Thats going have to be good enuff
I own it to a friend tonight, Jam Master Jay
Rest In Peace, I send my love to his family
50 Cent yall



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