Pray 4 My Downfall

50 Cent

Chorus (4x):
Pray and pray
And pray for my downfall

Menace, scene from the movie
Clap the two, weigh the oozie
Goodfella jewelry heist
Diamonds in my bitch doobie
I sit back, think about the cats
They hate man I laugh at them
Get outta line I blast at them
They stay scheming
Fuck around let off a clip
And leave the whip leaning
They dreaming
I took the cream and
Move to new places, new faces
Fuck the screw faces, shit
Cause when I flip
I make the paper
Dangerous, G-Unit
Niggas can't bang with us
It's undeniable the kid is nice
The flow CPR
I'll bring Biggie back to life
Man, Dre say I'm loony
Em say I'm moody
At least I don't smoke oolies
And fuck without rubbers
A handful of niggas hate
But the hood love us
You can pray
For my downfall

(Chorus 8x)

Even if I slip
I'll get back
Nigga act up
Tear your back up
Gain 30 pounds
When you die, no lie
I was high when they hit me
Had a few gats with me, shit
Ain't get a chance to let off
They shot me up and sped off
Apologies in order
Tamia I adore her
But now they strict
Cause my flow make money
Flow like water
Turn it up a notch
Twist the dutch
Zone to this, soak it up
See me in the club son
I'll send niggas to poke you up
You know my style 40 cal
With me when I move around
Squeeze, catch the shell
And run before your ass
Hit the ground
Pussy niggas shouldn't talk
Keep my name out your mouth
Summerjam, understand
I'm the man
When I leave the crowd leave
Shook closer, game over
Ride or get rolled over

(Chorus 8x)


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