50 Cent

by age thirteen i was buck wild
good at my knuckle game
made it through a tough child hood
never be the same
walked in my daddy's shoes
no time to be a peaceful man
i had shattered fools
thats till i put my eyes on you
god damn sweetheart you got some on you
now i cant wait to get you home
get you all alone
in my bedroom baby can we bone
and get it on
tell me lady how you like me
and if you want it harder baby
come and bite me
but do it lightly
causes that excites me to let you pop
and if you lick me right
ill do it all night
only got fucked by a drugdealer
never felt the real passion of a thug nigga
though i like the way you scream when you lovin me
im goin deep its the thug in me

how do you feel when you hear a rap by tupac shakur
right but dont you feel like that created tension between the east and west

a yo em you know you my favorite white boy right
i owe for this one

lets take em back

comin up i was confused my momma kissin a girl
confusion occurs comin up in a cold world
daddy aint around probably out commitin felonies
my favorite rapper use to ch-check out my melody
i wanna live good so shit i sell dope
for a four finger ring,one of them gold ropes
nana told me if i pass i get a sheep skin coat
if i could move a few packs i'd get the hat now that'd dope
tossed in turned in my sleep at night
woke up next morning niggas done stole my bike
different day same shit aint nothing good in da hood
i'd run away from this bitch and never come back if i could

on da grill of my lowrider
gunz on both sides
ride up on the 45ers
i 45 em
feel on the nigga myself and really do it
thats the true meaning of a ghostrider

moan baby when we bone its on
its so strong niggaz in the next room'll cum
i got yah head swingin,tounge kissin
as i hit it from the back with the bed ringin
give me space as i lick ya face,stick the place
synchronize so i grind when they kick the bass
love fuckin in the mon'in
i get ya wet and bust a sweat then im gone
left you on yo own girl
tell me what you feel like blindfolded
im cold do it real nice-thats if it feel right
maybe its the thug in me
i pull ya hair while we fuckin in the chair when ya lovin me
up against the wall,you can have it all just try
bet my kiss can get you high dont pass by
grab my by the nuts when im lovin you
now open up and let me put the thug in you


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