My Main Man Jimmy

50 Cent

yo this is for my main man jimmy
My main man jimmyjimmy
he didnt go to college
he smoking by the garb-aagage

yo jimmy be crackin that corn
nobody wants it no more
even that girl got scared they just all ran away
as a matter fact hes a dork
he got the oooooo and the ahhhhhhh inpork
he got those goofy glassy
and he aint got no fashion
but the girls want him he cant stop it
its like sean paul
"shake dat ting mizz annebelle
jodi and rebecca
be lapdancing on him to the early morn
then rebbeca's turntil the brrreak of dawn
now get busy with jimmy
yo me and jimmy be hangin at the ally
then we hang at jenny craig and Bally's(sweeettt)
how u gonna act like my main man dont be gettin jumped
u know i dont cause he be actin like he all dat
now he payin the price he feels as sorry as ice(oh my goodness)
but jimmy WASSS a good kid
we go to our job and get r bidd
too bad jimmy i hope u out there
listin to this now say
now let me tell ya bout me
im from new york
be makin yall eat that yolk
then ya puke TOO NASTY
then it goes all ZINGY ZANGY
OHNO a rap attack
change ya mind just like that
in a snap
its all in the heart of rap
peace out its over word wit a lil bit of this right now
watch this i told ya
yo richard edmonds this has been a gcz momment
gansta chillz yo peace jimster


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