Mudd Was Here

50 Cent

Yo Yo Yo
You didn't know I was comin
Till you saw the cops comin
While I was comin
In my girl she aint did nuthin
They fuckin took her like she was thiers
The ran down the stairs
Then I pulled up my underwheres
I ran after them
They had her in the pen
Barking like a dog with open arms
Tellin me to come save her
Its the middle night lame-o
I dont think I could help ya
Even if I was yo savior
You aint worth it to me
Hey Mudd was here
You aint worth it to me
Hey Mudd was here
Pass me a beer x2

You saw me walkin down the street
Stompin my feet,
to ma own beat
Didnt give a shit
But ma shoes was shinin
Hoes was linin, up
To give ma dick a suck
Gave every bitch a pluck
As I hit my fuckin pocket book
Dont tell me you cant hear me or see me
I know you see me
You be dancin in the street and
Lookin at me like shit man haha
Yo dis is 50
young man
New plan
Fuck ppl up like Jackie Chan
I was drivin ma van
Gave your chink as wip lash
Gave ma ass a slap
From your whip
You rockin me good
Bed bout ready to break
I know that i should


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