Look Out

50 Cent

[chorus: 50 cent]
(look out)
I'm sitting on some chains
Big things, big diamond rings
Mop, man you know what we 'bout
So if you wanna roll, baby come on and roll
And if not, bitch please (look out)
I tear you from the rip, see me i'm 'bout to grip
To find things that's what i'm about
So if you wanna roll, baby come on and roll
And if not, bitch please (look out)

Shawty i got some thangs
But do you got some thangs too?
Pretend the table is you, able what i'm talkin' bout
And if i caught a case would you be on the case
You couldn't handle plays, bitch (look out)
You know havoc, a bundled paper stuffed inside, nigga
To built me a mini mansion the size of an octopus
And the crib sittin' on stilts, take off the stilettos
Get me to hug you from the cold, the ife and the pizzle
I hit it up on wedge you, my schedule just won't permit it
I visit the gangsta town, but enough is commited
Might see me with another, don't go start trippin'
You my classic edition, one i got runnin' my kitchens
See it's about the pop and when it finally pop
Would you complain, or just shut your mouth
Oh yeah it's gon' pop so baby play your part
And get a cup of jealousy bitch


My money ain't nothin', jada you ain't fuckin'
See that's the fine print you need to understand, cousin
See i was sure he'd die for having game i
A tape rollin' for 50, cause he the boss i
Can't front, its gon' take some time to get used to
All this cash, yeah it's feelin' beautiful
The ladies on the key, they let a nigga live
Get ready for the rip session at the sheridan
I got her smokin' weed, i got her drinkin' vin
Say, nas yes you don't do none of that there
I turn your woman out, then i turn around and drop em off like 'good'.
Man we done stepped it up and we done found a home
For all this gangsta shit, for all this fuckin' dope
Man this is my dream, this is how it's supposed to be
Shawty climb aboard, if not (look out)


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